Tuesday, September 8, 2009

last survey today

Three Colors You Are Wearing At the Moment:
1. Red
2. grey
3. green.

The Last Three People To Call You:
1. dad
2. mom
3. friend

Three Days You Look Forward To Each Year:
1. oscars
2. film releases
3. last day of school

Three Bands/Singers You Love:
1. panic at the disco
2. beatles
3. kelly clarkson

Three People You've Talked To Today:
1. librarian
2. mum
3. dad

Three Things You Could Grab From Where You're Sitting:
1. remote
2. phone.
3. headphones.

The Last Three Things You've Had to Drink:
1. diet coke.
2. milk.
3. water.

Three People You Can Always Count On:
1. my sister

Three Places You Want to Go:
1. new york
2. paris
3. london.

The Last Three Places You've Gone:
1. library
2. gym
3. mall

Three People To Be Stranded On A Desert Island With:
1. sergio leone
2. quentin tarantino
3. Martin Scorsese

Three Smells You Love:
1. petrol
2. freshly cut grass
3. my dog

Three People You Look Up To:
1. ghandi
2. martin luther king jr.
3. che guevera

Three Places You've Lived:
1. here.

Three Things You're Good At:
1. dancing
2. drawing
3. cleaning

The Last Three People You've Kissed:
1. none

The Last Three People You've Dated:
1. none

Three Irresponsible Things You've Done:
1. i've done a lot.

Three Movies You Love:
1. saving silverman
2. superbad
3. eurotrip

Three Things That Annoy You:
1. girls who are desperate
2. slow drivers
3. waiting

Three Things That Attract You To The Opposite Sex:
1. thin waists
2. tall
3. brunette

Three Material Items You'd Save If You're House Was On Fire:
1. computer.
2. my dvds
3. my passport

Three Careers You've Considered:
1. director.
2. film critic.
3. psychologist.

Three Things You Wish You Knew About Your Future:
1. sucess
2. will I end up with my parents choice of a guy or my own.
3. If I'll actually get away from here.

The Last Three Songs You Listened To:
1. you belong to me - taylor swift
2. favourite game - cardigans
3. can't remember.

Three Things You Consider Lucky:
1. not jinxing something
2. stars.
3. eye twitches lol

Three T.V. Show Characters You Wish Were Real:
1. chandler bing
2. cartman from south park
3. stewie from family guy

Three Issues You Have Strong Opinions On:
1. animal cruelty
2. iraq war
3. feminism

Three Things You Wish You Could Change About Yourself:
1. skinnier
2. colored eyes
3. funnier

Three People From Your Past You Wish You Could Spend a Day With:
1. ben
2. dave
3. carmen

Three Famous People You'd Like to Meet:
1. quentin tarantino
2. ?
3. ?

Three Things You Are Wearing:
1. socks
2. tshirt.
3. watch

Three Things You Are Addicted To:
1. diet coke
2. computer
3. films

Three Favorite Colors:
1. green.
2. yellow.
3. black.

Three Things You Will Do Now That This Is Over:
1. go pee haha.
2. watch tv
3. sleep

survey 4 - keeps my mind off food

if you loved a shirt,but it was $80,would you buy it:
probably not cause I'm just that poor

how do you like your jeans to fit:

how do you like your shirts to fit:
Lose to hide my fat rolls

do you have a big forehead:
not really.

is your skin shiny:
nah, sort of dry from exfoliating

is your skin oily,dry or normal:
normal but it can be pretty dry sometimes.

do you use any acne medication:

do you have a dandruft problem:
not really.

do you have a receeding hairline:
no, I'm not a man.

do you have a widow's peak:

can you do the trek hand sign:
yea...there's ppl who can't?

would you ever wear a visor:
yeah if i had to

if your a girl...or a boy i guess,how big are your breasts:
12D pretty big

do you have an inward or outward bellybutton:

do you have fuzz around your navel:
ew no.

do you have a lot of hair:
not really

do you have hair anywhere weird on your body:

how often do you shave:
this may sound bad but only when I have to show my legs or in summer

do you make ugly faces a lot:
haha yeah

would you ever wear pajamas to school/work:

do you wear band shirts:
yeah, sometimes

do you wear shirts with logos:

urban outfitters or abercrombie and fitch:

do you have any physical disabilities:

are you muscular:
only my huge ugly calves

do you work out at all:
a bit

do you have a big,small or average sized kaboos:
big but flat - the worse kind

is your hair shiny:

do you find it hard to smile sometimes:

do you dress revealingly:

do you like to show off your body:

do you wear a lot of makeup:
some not a lot

if so,what is your favorite makeup item to wear:

do you think natural is prettier than makeup:

are your teeth crooked:

do you wish you had vampire teeth:
I sort of do, I have really long fangs

do you have decent posture:
no, its terrible actually

do you have long or short legs:

do you have a long or short torso:

what's the worst physical related insult you've ever recieved:
someone said my belly looks pregnant once

do you have big or beady eyes:

how wide can you open your mouth:
not that wide

survey 3

1. When is/was the first football game at your school for the season?

2. Are you ever picked on by teachers?

3. How well do you memorize things?
pretty good if I make the effort

4. Explain the coolest shoes you own:
chuck taylors with this awesome tartan pattern

6. When was the last time you had donuts?
last week like 5 while cooking dinner

7. Do you look awful in hats or do you not look bad?
yes, I have a big head so they usually don't fit

8. When was the last time you took professional photos (school pictures count)?
3 years ago at school

9. What do you plan on being for Halloween (if you do plan on dressing up)? If you aren't going to dress up, what do you plan on doing that night?
dunno, a while away

10. Do you feel more hot or cold usually?

11. Do you use spray on sunscreen or rub on?
rub on.

12. Are you bad at staying in step with people?

13. When's the last time you yelled something stupid at someone you didn't know (Example: "Are you lesbians?!" to a bunch of random chicks)?
like 6 months ago drunk

14. How do you get home from school?

15. What was the nastiest sunburn you ever had?
never been sunburnt

16. When was the last time you went to a beach party/bonfire?
never - but seems like fun

17. Have you ever been drunk? If so, when was the last time?
bout two months ago...it was an awesome night

18. Has it ever taken you what seemed like forever to get over someone?

19. Don't you hate it when you have to stay out in the heat for a long period of time?

20. Do you have good upper body strength?
not really.

survey 2

Do you have a common first name?

Who's room of the opposite sex were you in last? Were you uncomfortable?
my friends who she shares with her boyfriend i guess, yeah.

Who's car were you last in?

Have you ever kissed in a pool?

How did you meet the last person you kissed?

When you make a promise, do you normally stick with that promise?

Do you have homework?

Do you have feelings for anyone, and if so, do they know?
yes, no

Who was the last person to wear your clothes?
my friend who I share clothes with all the time

When people say, "Honestly, I don't think I've ever talked crap about anyone":
they just don't know they have

Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you?

Are you happy right now?

Have you ever worn false eyelashes?

What's the last CD you listened to?
panic at the disco

Do you have a backyard?

Do you still live with your parents?
yes! but I don't have a choice

What color are the pants you're wearing?

What is your curfew?
12 but I usually stay out longer

Do you love your parents?
cos I have to but not their personalities

What was your last call and what was it about?
can't remember

Do you do drugs?
yep, haven't in a while but

Do you drink more water or juice?

Do you think you're old?

When is the next time you'll see your best friends?

Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization?
cleanliness but not organization

When was the last time you said “I’m sorry” to someone?
no idea.

Do you know anyone named Dave?

Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?

Is it summer right now?
not for a a couple of months I think

How many times do you go to the beach during summer?
a couple, I wish more though

Do you spend a lot of time with your family over the summer?

Or do you go out with your friends every night?

Is there anything that makes summers really special?
the brightness of the day reflects on my mood.

Are you anything like you were at this point last year?
yes...a little has changed, but not as much as I would like

Sometimes, do you wish you were someone else?

Are you tired?


Do you have more than five songs that remind you of just one person?

How old will you be in three years?

Do you think you'll be married by then?

Whats the biggest thing that's happening in the next three months?
my birthday

Who was your last text from?
my sister

Can you name one person who has the same first and last initials as you?

What are you thinking about RIGHT now?

What are the last two colors you painted your nails?
black and pink

Do you have any pets?
yes, a dog

What were you doing at 2 am last night?
watching youtube videos

Look behind you. What do you see?
the bed head

Are your parents married/divorced/separate?

Who was your last real hug from the opposite sex with?
have no idea

When is the last time you saw your sister/s?
can't remember, a while

What was happening Friday night?
watched the break-up on tv

What irritates you the most about girls?
Neediness of men

How many states have you lived in?

Song title and artist of the song your currently listening to?
you belong with me - taylor swift

How many different schools have you been to?

Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?
bare feet.

Are you a social person?

What was the last thing you ate?
2 minute noodles

What is your favorite ice cream?
cookies and cream

Let me guess, your thinking about someone right now?

What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwiches?
i don't.

Do you like coffee?

What do you drink in the morning?
diet coke.

Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?

Do you go out to eat or eat at home more often?
eat out.

Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?

When's the last time you went to the hospital?
can't remember

Do you prefer an ocean or a pool?

Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?

Whens the next time you'll dress up?

What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

Whats the closest pink object to you?

What is your favorite TV show?

Can you roll your tongue?

Who is the funniest person you know?
no one...that's pretty weird

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

Do you still have clothes from when you were little?

Do you shut off the water when you brush your teeth?
yes - not consciously

Would you rather go streaking down a major highway or walk around naked for a year?
streaking down a major highway

What color is your bathing suit?

What did you do today?
watched tv

Miss anyone? Who?
my friend, who doesn't really have time to hang out with me anymore

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
yes, new york, paris, london...anywhere but here.

Somethings bothering you right?

What are you looking forward to?
the numbers going down on the scale.

If you had to choose dying or having sex with your boyfriend which one would you choose?
sex, weird question...

Is the last person you kissed more than a year older than you?
no...never been kissed

Last December, what was your love life like?
none existent.

Has a girl sat on your bed before?

Are you afraid to grow up?

Three days from now will you be in a relationship?
definitely not.

What is something you wish you had more of?
friends, happiness

Do you like to hold or be held?
being held.

Do you wash your hair in the shower?

Do you still talk to the person you fell hardest/fastest for?

Who was the last person to be in your bed with you?
probably a friend

Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around?

Are you usually the first to say sorry when you're in a fight or the last?

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?

Do you plan on hugging the last person you hugged again?
i guess

Are you in a relationship?

Where is your number one person on your friends list?
no idea

Honestly how many people have you fallen for?
a lot and none have fallen for me

Do you think you're approachable?
no...but people still always approach me.

Does seeing couples in love make you mad?
yes, jealous, hateful, guilty, lonely

Do you think the last person you kissed cares for you?
never kissed anyone.

Who was the last thing/person you took a picture with?
two of my friends.

Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?
can't think of anyone...

How many times do you talk on the phone a day on average?
not often anymore

Do you think you could ever forgive someone who murdered one of your family members?

What's the most important part of a relationship in your opinion?
dunno...love lol

If you could pack up and leave your life now to move away, would you?

How was your day?

What's your current problem?
having few friends that don't have time to talk to me, loneliness

Do you have a best friend?
sort of...haven't been close in the last month

What are your outlooks on gay/bisexual relationships?
anyone should be able to love who they want to.

Does someone have a crush on you?

What is something you have in common with your best friend?
we don't believe in god

Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?
can't remember


Have you ever done anything illegal?

that was fun....kept my mind off food

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Wow I cannot believe I actually lost weight! 3 lbs isn't that much but I'm still proud of myself for still staying strong. I haven't had any soda or bread in the last week. V.G. Water is veryappealing for once. I love that it's crystal clear, I have OCD so I like things to be clean. I don't want to eat any take-out by telling myself it's dirty. I am excited for my birthday party now. I know I will be smaller by then.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A new start

I haven't been blogging well so I've decided to start afresh.

I have one month til my 21st birthday party to lose weight. I will not start another year of my life fat. I'm going to be 21 and thin!

SW: 192 lbs

Goal weight by September 27th: 165 lbs
UGW: 120 lbs

I'm going to put myself in ''extreme bootcamp mode'' for the next month with one goal; to lose 27 pounds.