Tuesday, September 8, 2009

last survey today

Three Colors You Are Wearing At the Moment:
1. Red
2. grey
3. green.

The Last Three People To Call You:
1. dad
2. mom
3. friend

Three Days You Look Forward To Each Year:
1. oscars
2. film releases
3. last day of school

Three Bands/Singers You Love:
1. panic at the disco
2. beatles
3. kelly clarkson

Three People You've Talked To Today:
1. librarian
2. mum
3. dad

Three Things You Could Grab From Where You're Sitting:
1. remote
2. phone.
3. headphones.

The Last Three Things You've Had to Drink:
1. diet coke.
2. milk.
3. water.

Three People You Can Always Count On:
1. my sister

Three Places You Want to Go:
1. new york
2. paris
3. london.

The Last Three Places You've Gone:
1. library
2. gym
3. mall

Three People To Be Stranded On A Desert Island With:
1. sergio leone
2. quentin tarantino
3. Martin Scorsese

Three Smells You Love:
1. petrol
2. freshly cut grass
3. my dog

Three People You Look Up To:
1. ghandi
2. martin luther king jr.
3. che guevera

Three Places You've Lived:
1. here.

Three Things You're Good At:
1. dancing
2. drawing
3. cleaning

The Last Three People You've Kissed:
1. none

The Last Three People You've Dated:
1. none

Three Irresponsible Things You've Done:
1. i've done a lot.

Three Movies You Love:
1. saving silverman
2. superbad
3. eurotrip

Three Things That Annoy You:
1. girls who are desperate
2. slow drivers
3. waiting

Three Things That Attract You To The Opposite Sex:
1. thin waists
2. tall
3. brunette

Three Material Items You'd Save If You're House Was On Fire:
1. computer.
2. my dvds
3. my passport

Three Careers You've Considered:
1. director.
2. film critic.
3. psychologist.

Three Things You Wish You Knew About Your Future:
1. sucess
2. will I end up with my parents choice of a guy or my own.
3. If I'll actually get away from here.

The Last Three Songs You Listened To:
1. you belong to me - taylor swift
2. favourite game - cardigans
3. can't remember.

Three Things You Consider Lucky:
1. not jinxing something
2. stars.
3. eye twitches lol

Three T.V. Show Characters You Wish Were Real:
1. chandler bing
2. cartman from south park
3. stewie from family guy

Three Issues You Have Strong Opinions On:
1. animal cruelty
2. iraq war
3. feminism

Three Things You Wish You Could Change About Yourself:
1. skinnier
2. colored eyes
3. funnier

Three People From Your Past You Wish You Could Spend a Day With:
1. ben
2. dave
3. carmen

Three Famous People You'd Like to Meet:
1. quentin tarantino
2. ?
3. ?

Three Things You Are Wearing:
1. socks
2. tshirt.
3. watch

Three Things You Are Addicted To:
1. diet coke
2. computer
3. films

Three Favorite Colors:
1. green.
2. yellow.
3. black.

Three Things You Will Do Now That This Is Over:
1. go pee haha.
2. watch tv
3. sleep


  1. These surveys are really cool :)
    Congrats on the weight loss (3lbs is pretty good). Beginnings are always messy, but I'm sure you'll make it to 120 lbs. I'm here for you if you need me :D

    Stay strong
    huuugs ♥

  2. Have you seen Dandelion Girl's (glitter in the wind) idea for December? You should check it out. Lovely idea, I think.


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