Tuesday, September 8, 2009

survey 4 - keeps my mind off food

if you loved a shirt,but it was $80,would you buy it:
probably not cause I'm just that poor

how do you like your jeans to fit:

how do you like your shirts to fit:
Lose to hide my fat rolls

do you have a big forehead:
not really.

is your skin shiny:
nah, sort of dry from exfoliating

is your skin oily,dry or normal:
normal but it can be pretty dry sometimes.

do you use any acne medication:

do you have a dandruft problem:
not really.

do you have a receeding hairline:
no, I'm not a man.

do you have a widow's peak:

can you do the trek hand sign:
yea...there's ppl who can't?

would you ever wear a visor:
yeah if i had to

if your a girl...or a boy i guess,how big are your breasts:
12D pretty big

do you have an inward or outward bellybutton:

do you have fuzz around your navel:
ew no.

do you have a lot of hair:
not really

do you have hair anywhere weird on your body:

how often do you shave:
this may sound bad but only when I have to show my legs or in summer

do you make ugly faces a lot:
haha yeah

would you ever wear pajamas to school/work:

do you wear band shirts:
yeah, sometimes

do you wear shirts with logos:

urban outfitters or abercrombie and fitch:

do you have any physical disabilities:

are you muscular:
only my huge ugly calves

do you work out at all:
a bit

do you have a big,small or average sized kaboos:
big but flat - the worse kind

is your hair shiny:

do you find it hard to smile sometimes:

do you dress revealingly:

do you like to show off your body:

do you wear a lot of makeup:
some not a lot

if so,what is your favorite makeup item to wear:

do you think natural is prettier than makeup:

are your teeth crooked:

do you wish you had vampire teeth:
I sort of do, I have really long fangs

do you have decent posture:
no, its terrible actually

do you have long or short legs:

do you have a long or short torso:

what's the worst physical related insult you've ever recieved:
someone said my belly looks pregnant once

do you have big or beady eyes:

how wide can you open your mouth:
not that wide


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